Thoughts on Rust
Thoughts on rust
Rust is with us to stay. Southern hybridizers should not spray their seedlings for rust and select only rust free cultivars. I applaud John Peat for using this method and introducing 4 rust free cultivars for 2008. Who wants to spray daylilies more than roses when the rust can be bred out? And will the AHS continue to lose members if new members buy expensive plants only to find out later they are rust prone and shrivel and/or die. You can't count on county or state agricultural services to print a useable rust free list. They deal only with older out of date cultivars. Why does AHS not add a rust page to  all its "sections" and have someone similiar to the registrar (a rust registrar) rate an average rust score for all to see. Or if the current registration list could be amended with a rust rating section that would be great. And it is advisable for Northern hybridizers to breed with known rust free stock. Ship perfectly healthy plants south with poor rust resistance and what happens? We don't need a better way to spray for rust or new chemicals, we need better breeding.

Mike Barwick

Robert Turley 06.06.2014 15:21

I agree. RT

I. Shepherd 27.08.2011 20:21

Req'ts needed to grow/remain healthy change, due to age & the physical needs of the plant through breeding. If rust occurs, keep top dry & aired, chute water.

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04.01 | 13:25

Thank you Mike. I did not know about this source for native plants. I found a couple of plants I have looked for a good while.

04.01 | 00:13

Thanks Linda,
Sometimes you can find it for sale at
It is difficult to grow due to aphids.

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One of my favorite wildflowers. I have not seen it in years.

03.01 | 23:58

Lovely. Have not seen this species of Silene before.