DP X tet Spider Miracle This semi spider bitone has a small sky blue eye not affected by weather. An unexpected result.

Chinese Scribe X seedling. Nice pattern with white edging. Stronger plant than Chinese Scribe.

Border Music X seedling. This emo seedling has perfect form and a slight gold edge. Plus high rust resistance. A definite future intro.

Awesome Blossom X seedling. A bitone with a nice double edge on the petals and sepals outlined in white.

Destined to See X Seedling DG. Very blue patterned eye.

Mystical Rainbow X seedling. This seedling has "eyelashes" both inside and outside the small but multicolored eye which do not pass through the eye itself.

Quest of Dreams X seedling Very comlex eye, changes with the weather.

Seedling X Seedling Involves Gerda Brooker and Destined to see. Metallic silver eye with changing patterns depending on weather. Some days displays distinct butterfly patterns as in picture.

Seedling X Clothed in Glory This seedling has gold eye and edge and is almost transparent. Gold veining and sepals are clearly visible through petals.

seedling X Gerda Brooker (seedling DG) Parent of the metallic eyed seedling and other good seedlings. Takes on many colors and forms with weather change. Good bud count always blooms well but rust rating only 7-8

seedling X Lilac Surprise Takes on many forms, quilling not always present. Parent of several bluish seedlings with UF form.

Seedling X Mildred Mitchell Involves two Mary's Gold seedlings. Has sky blue eye which is weather dependent. (Not always visible). A real standout when light reflects off at an angle, the blue is much more intense. BEST SEEDING 2009 FLINT RIVER SHOW

Seedling X Seedling Exotic pattern on both petals and sepals. Not enough buds to introduce but has produced good seedlings.

Seedling X Seedling Involes Gerda Brooker and Mildred Mitchell. Always beautiful but depending on weather may display a greenish halo on edge of the throat.

Seedling X Seedling Not enough buds to introduce and rust resistance of 7. But extremely beautiful and the parent of the "double eyelash" seedling .

Seedling X Seedling Tall bitone with sharks teeth. Purple ribbon in show.

Seedling X Clothed in Glory Nice edge on this bitone.

Seedling X Seedling "Munson eye" with good form and rust resistance. Form from Ed Brown.

Seedling X Clothed in Glory Favorite seedling in 2007. Form and color always perfect.

Seedling X Seedling. Good color with perfect circular eye. GREAT INCREASE,LARGE FANS.

Fires of Fuji X Seedling This bitone double is moving in the UF direction.

Seedling X Seedling Could not keep my eyes off this one. Contrast in colors get attension.

Border Music X seedling 60% double on initial bloom in 2007. Bud count must increase. Extremely beautiful single or double.

Ivory Edges X Seedling Uf bitone with tiny sharks teeth. 2007 first bloom, bud count must increase.

Seedling X Seedling Bitone with beautiful contrasts. The eye often appears to be true navy blue.

Seedling X tet Spider Miracle First year bitone seedling with multiple blooms and 26 buds.

Neal Berrey X Seedling Bitone with ruffling on petals. Thick substance. Throat has three sets of darker "green jeans". Nice rounded sepals.

Seedling X Spider Miracle Twisty lemon Uf with white midribs. Beautiful when light hits it at a sharp angle. Will be introduced.

Classic Edge X Seedling. Beautiful eye and edge. Substance like leather. will be introduced. High rust resistance.

Azure Violets X Seedling Uf with bluish tones.

Here are a few select seedings. I will only introduce those with a high resistance to rust. I am excited by the tet Spider Miracle seedling with the small blue eye. It is not weather dependant.

Click on each individual picture to enlarge and for more information.

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04.01 | 13:25

Thank you Mike. I did not know about this source for native plants. I found a couple of plants I have looked for a good while.

04.01 | 00:13

Thanks Linda,
Sometimes you can find it for sale at Mailordernatives.com
It is difficult to grow due to aphids.

04.01 | 00:00

One of my favorite wildflowers. I have not seen it in years.

03.01 | 23:58

Lovely. Have not seen this species of Silene before.