Seedling 12-108 PJGM8 x DSOAM Good white spatulate uf.

SE x LVOAM Spatulate uf with eyezone.

Seedling x PJGM8 Quad white uf.

SE xOAM Silvery spatulate uf with hints of blue.

SE x OAM Lavender spatulate uf with large green throat.

SE x OAM Large lavender spatulate uf with large green throat.

PPLMSER x JK Consistent double with large green throat.

Seedling xOBO. Stippled with good form.

Magic of Oz seedling at 8:17 AM.

Magic of Oz seedling at 8:20 AM. Dramatic color change.

Emerald Starburst seedling which often quads.

SQ x LVOAM Large green throat from an Oops Another Miracle seedling.

Seedling x O' Bannon Orchid. Has streaks and dots.

Christy Dixon seedling x OBO. Lots of stippling.

Seedling x Lydia's Regal Robe. Did not expect nice round form.

Seedling x PJGME. Green throat, hot pink, sometimes quad.

GA x Oops Another Miracle. Large gold uf with greenish cast.

Egyptian Ibis x Veiled Magic. One of the most powerful "Munson" seedlings I've grown.

Hope you are having a great season. Still getting large spiders and unusual forms from Oops Another Miracle. Substantial Evidence has proven to be a good parent for           
spatulate forms and green throats. Has been extremely dry here but have set a good 
mix of seeds with a lot of teeth, patterns, and diploid doubles. I have added a lot of
butterfly wildflowers to my garden mix and seem to be adding to the workload when
I should be slowing down. Happy gardening.                                                            

Myra Hornbuckle 14.06.2018 01:18

Do you have any Westbourne by Mary J Meadows/

Mike Barwick 14.06.2018 02:12

I do not have any Westbourne series daylilies. You can contact Westbourne Daylilies directly.

Myra Hornbuckle 11.03.2018 01:45

Hi, I am seeking Westbourne daylilies, can you help?

Mike 11.03.2018 01:56

I'm not familiar with this hybridizer.

Anna 11.07.2016 21:56

Day lilies are one of my favourite flower

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04.01 | 13:25

Thank you Mike. I did not know about this source for native plants. I found a couple of plants I have looked for a good while.

04.01 | 00:13

Thanks Linda,
Sometimes you can find it for sale at
It is difficult to grow due to aphids.

04.01 | 00:00

One of my favorite wildflowers. I have not seen it in years.

03.01 | 23:58

Lovely. Have not seen this species of Silene before.