guye reeder 13.09.2017 12:48

thanks mike. Got any for sale

Mike Barwick 15.09.2017 01:22


Please call me at 478-287-5480.

guye reeder 12.09.2017 20:42

does anyone know if this flower introduced

guye reeder 13.09.2017 12:46

thanks mike, got any for sale?

Mike Barwick 12.09.2017 21:50

It was never introduced and is not a reliable bloomer like it's parent Texas Kaleidoscope. I used it mainly as a breeder.

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04.01 | 13:25

Thank you Mike. I did not know about this source for native plants. I found a couple of plants I have looked for a good while.

04.01 | 00:13

Thanks Linda,
Sometimes you can find it for sale at
It is difficult to grow due to aphids.

04.01 | 00:00

One of my favorite wildflowers. I have not seen it in years.

03.01 | 23:58

Lovely. Have not seen this species of Silene before.