True Georgia Aster Hidden in plain sight in one area of Oakey Woods.

New England aster. Common on Oaky Woods prairies. Have seen a lot in Crawford County near Musella.

Houston County aster. Up to 8 ft tall. At Oaky Woods and other sites. Cannot find a name to match.

Medium purple aster. Not the previous aster. Have seen in Laurens and Houston Counties.

Smooth aster. Have seen a few plants at edge of Praire #1.

Silene Catesby. Found a new colony of 37 clumps of this rare plant. This gives hope for survival of this plant at Oaky Woods.

This tiny flower is not scutellaria or lobelia which can be eliminated by their seed pods. Likely a salvia. Leaves have the salvia family "look".

White Shooting Star. Found along bottomland of one very small creek. Never dreamed I would see these.

Carolina delphinium. Found in a couple of spots at Oaky Woods. Did not see any this spring. Saw a large group of plants near Juliette.

Indian Pink. Occurs frequently at Oaky Woods but not on the prairies.

Had listed as Trillium Underwoodii but this may be one of the trailing trillium.

Trillium Lancifolium. Occurs in several spots mainly along creek bottoms.

Yellow Trout Lily. Occur in several areas south of Big Indian Creek on limestone bluffs overlooking creeks.

Scutellaria. This is probably S. Integrifolia. Have seen S. Ocmulgee in one area.

Bloodroot. Can be found in same areas as trout lilies.

Liatris Aspera. Scattered over most of Oaky Woods. Hard to distinguish from Liatris Scariosa.

Liatris Likely Scariosa.

Red Buckeye. Quite common on limestone bluffs in wooded areas.

Liatris. Also Scariosa?

Green milkweed. Very common on the prairies.

Green Antelopehorn milkweed. A very showy milkweed.

Red Ring Milkweed. Found in woods and wood margins. Very large leaves on large plants.

Early Ironweed. Blooms in July. Plants are short and well branched.

White Indigo. This is small pod form. The large pod type is more prevalent.

Blue Lobelia. Not sure of type. Fairly common in central Georgia.

Blue Wild Clematis. Several in one wooded area next to a deep creek ravine.

Wild Blue Phlox. The largest and most common at Oaky Woods. Have seen several other colors including white.

Fairy Wand. Found a few of these in deep woods.

Dwarf PawPaw. Usually occurs on dry areas along wood edges. Regular PawPaws are found along wet creek bottoms.

Liatris Elegans. Usually in more sandy soil. There is a white type in sand dunes near Hawkinsville. Truly elegant.

Altamasco Lily. Common in creek bottoms.

Azure Sage white form. Occurs frequently. There is also a white form with a blue picotee.

Azure Sage blue form. Common all over Oaky Woods.

Liatris Spicata. Most common liatris at Oaky Woods, it occurs in large groups.

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04.01 | 13:25

Thank you Mike. I did not know about this source for native plants. I found a couple of plants I have looked for a good while.

04.01 | 00:13

Thanks Linda,
Sometimes you can find it for sale at
It is difficult to grow due to aphids.

04.01 | 00:00

One of my favorite wildflowers. I have not seen it in years.

03.01 | 23:58

Lovely. Have not seen this species of Silene before.